The Need for a Durable Power of Attorney

Life can come at you quickly. Accidents, health emergencies, and diseases of age may render you unable to manage your financial affairs. At some point, someone will need to pay bills, manage investments, and make financial decisions on your behalf. While incapacity can place a major strain on your finances, creating a durable power of […]

Covering Your Assets

We live and work in an exceptionally litigious culture. From car accidents to dog bites, to unfruitful business deals, potential liabilities swirl around us like a cyclone. Such fears can often keep individuals up at night. Consumers and Homeowners maintain insurance on their homes and personal property as asset protection used to ward off a […]

Will a “Transfer on Death Deed” Work for You?

Recently Utah passed a law that allows you to make a deed to name a beneficiary to receive your Utah real estate at your death.  Since a home is typically the real estate everyone owns, I will discuss your home in this article.  You might be familiar with other assets that pass automatically to named […]

Gold in No. 10 Cans

I often hear talk of persons keeping a small horde of gold, silver or cash at home. The reasons for doing so are many, but usually center on fears that banks will go under, the stock market will crash, the dollar will become worthless, the apocalypse is imminent, or [add a fear here]. There are […]

Does a “No Contest” Clause in Trust Mean Anything?

I recently helped a family settle a case involving a dispute over who should get the home of their deceased parents. The trust was clear – the home was to be part of the whole estate, and the whole estate was to be divided equally between the children. What was also clear was that the […]

Your Will Must Be Probated

On occasion I meet with clients who think that only the estates of people who die without a will have to be probated. That mistake is based in large part due to the formalities of signing a will. The fact that wills are witnessed and notarized makes some believe it should avoid any court probate […]

Your IRA Estate Plan

Planning for the treatment of your IRA at your death should include more than filling out the beneficiary form. You should consider ways to leverage your IRA account to even greater wealth by the way you pass it to your spouse or heirs. You can keep more money in the hands of your heirs and […]