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Client Testimonial

After meeting briefly with other attorneys in St. George, all of whom I liked for various reasons, I had my free consultation with Sean, and he was different: He was gracious and modest, and as I began describing my legal problem, I could tell “the wheels were turning.” Within those thirty minutes, Sean had mapped out a straightforward plan to resolve my matter without going to court. Suddenly I felt I had found an attorney who was really “in my camp” and who was experienced, energetic, and the perfect age. How refreshing he was after starting and stopping for two years with the wrong attorneys, none of whom had suggested Sean’s simple solution to avoid court!

After just a couple of short meetings, Sean had prepared the proper documents, which included a detailed letter to my adversaries that was firm, but friendly, and made me want to throw back my shoulders and say, “Don’t mess with us!” However, Sean always reminded me that we were taking the “high road.” When one adversary was not cooperating, Sean gave me the strategic steps to take, which led to a phone call to Sean from the main adversary, during which Sean came up with a solution that satisfied the adversary yet cost me nothing. I am happy that Sean’s record still stands, that of never having to go to court for a matter like mine. However, had we gone to court, I knew that Sean’s quick-thinking, logical mind and his kind, respectful demeanor would have brought great success.

I am honored to write these words of high recommendation for Sean Sullivan, which allow me to express my sincere appreciation for him and his efficient staff.